Eco Mission

At The Circle Salon Chicago, we make every effort to preserve the integrity of our community and our planet, and we consider ourselves a “Green” Hair Salon. In the decisions we make daily, we always consider our impact on the environment. As you may know, being “Green” ain’t cheap! That’s why we add a $2 environmental surcharge to each guest’s visit. This $2 covers only a small portion of what we do annually, but it’s your way of supporting our efforts and ultimately lessening your own impact as well. Here’s what your $2 helps to cover: Proper disposal of the chemicals we use to color, straighten and perm hair. (Most salons wash these down the drain or put them in the trash. These are harsh chemicals that need to be disposed of safely instead of left in our landfills and water systems.)

Your hair clippings are collected and used to clean up oil spills vs. sent to decompose in a landfill. (Bet you never thought your haircut could help the planet!)

Proper recycling of all foils used to color hair as well as aerosol spray cans and empty hair color tubes. (Our city recycling program does not include these items, and you know how many foils we use, right? We also encourage our guests to bring in their empty aerosol cans from home so we can properly recycle them for you)

Clean Energy used in the salon. We purchase our electricity from Community Energy Inc. They provide us with clean energy from wind and solar sources.

Carbon Offset programs through Terra Pass. Together, we make quite a large carbon footprint each year. Terra Pass uses mostly methane capture programs to help offset what we put out into the environment each year.

We have many more in-salon efforts that help us lesson our impact. If you want to know more, please ask your stylist for more information.