Wearing Bangs

What Bangs Work for You

Bangs are beautiful! Here some tips and tricks on how to style and wear that lovely fringe based on your face shape. All faces are different and not everyone fits into these shapes “exactly”. But either way, one or several of the below suggestion will definitely work for you. So give bangs a try!


Via Instructables

Heart shaped face

wider forehead, and smaller jawline and chin

Bangs for Heart Shaped Face

Bang suggestion: Side swept and wispy. The side swept pulls the eyes down to your beautiful eyes, lips and disguises width in the forehead.


Oval shaped face

wider forehead, prominent cheeks, face tapers towards the chin

Bangs for Oval Face

Bang suggestion: Whatever shape you want! Oval shaped faces look great with most bangs.

Try: Blunt heavy bangs! Always a bold and fun statement.

Square shape face

widths of your brow, cheekbones and jaw are almost equal

Bangs and Square Face

Bang suggestion: Soft and rounded lash grazing bangs. Square shaped faces can be softened with a long rounded shape. The roundness of the bangs cancels out the sharpness of the square jaw.


Round face

face width and length measure about the same with the cheeks being the widest point

Bangs for Round Face

Bang suggestion: Blunt, heavier and square. Adding a defined sharp line to your face will counteract the roundness to your face, giving you more of an oval face shape feel.

Long face

face is elongated from the forehead to a tapering chin

Bangs for Oblong Face

Bang suggestion: Start bangs farther back and taper diagonally. The angle will bring width to the face, shortening the feel of your face shape.


Styling your bangs!

Product: (beware, start out with the smallest amount, dime size, and go from there. Adding too much product can make your bangs greasy and lifeless!)


Fine hair: add volumizing spray when wet and medium hold hair spray when dry. For a textured look, add Davines sea salt spray at the end.

Curly hair: a light curl cream and then let hair air dry or diffuse. Davines Curl Cream is a light but effective tamer of curl.

Coarse hair: try a stronger hold product like Davines Strong Hold Cream Gel, and oil-based primer, like Davines Oi Oil

Flat wrapping – Flat-wrapping works out any cowlicks at your hairline to help your bangs lay flat.  Flat wrapping works for almost any bang shape.

  1. Add your styling products to your wet bangs.
  2. Begin drying your bangs from side to side with a flat brush, focusing on the roots.
  3. As the bangs are almost dry, comb them in the direction you want them to be styled and finish drying the ends from there.

Whatever bang style you choose, have fun!  Your face shape and hair are unique and beautiful so play around and enjoy the change!