Well-Being Space Chicago
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NaturalTech Express Service Includes: Consultation with scalp and hair analysis, Shampoo & Treatment, Signature Styling Session

  • WellBeing- For Everyone
  • Calming- For Sensitive scalp
  • Rebalancing- For Oily Scalp
  • Nourishing- For Dehydrated Scalp and Dry and Brittle Hair
  • Detoxifying- For Environmentally Stressed Scalp


$57 45 mins
NaturalTech Holistic Service Includes: Consultation, Hair & Scalp Booster, Specialty Shampoo & Treatment, Signature Styling Session

  • Energizing – For Hair Loss and fine/limp hair
  • Purifying- For Dandruff
  • Nourishing- For Chemically Damaged Hair
  • Detoxifying- For Environmentally Stressed Hair


$67+ 1 hour
NaturalTech Total Experience Treat yourself to this luxurious salon/spa experience while helping to promote your over all well-being. Treat your hair and scalp while indulging in a relaxing massage designed to increase circulation and restore health and balance to your body and mind. Includes: Hair and Scalp Analysis, Deep Shoulder/Neck/Scalp Massage, Natural Tech Treatment with Specialty Shampoo, Signature Blow Dry $82+ 1 hour 30 mins
Our treatment services effectively resolve scalp and hair anomalies and help care for the psychological and physical well being of those who use them.

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