Styling Men’s Short Hair with Curl by Jordan!

This week learn how Jordan styles his hair!

Men’s short cut with curls!

Tools: Solano Blow Dryer, Sock Diffuser

Products: Davines Melu Hair Shield, Davines Curl Building Serum, Davines Texture Spray


When did you first realize you were into hair? 

If I’m being honest and true to my roots, I think I first became fascinated with hair when I would play with my cousins’ barbies during A LOT of my childhood. Its’s actually how I learned to braid hair. Though I never got a barbie of my own, I had a few girlfriends who quite literally let me completely destroy their locks in my early teens…

What was  your most favorite hairstyle? 

If this were a slide show I could show you at least five times I had a rat tail, 4 times a mullet and at least one really bad, boozy festival decision mohawk. All of which I hold dear in my heart though they probably wouldn’t make the list of my favorite. In total truth, every time I get the opportunity to get a cut from Crystal, it is honestly my new favorite. She just knows exactly what I’m feeling and can translate that onto my head. Check out her work on IG and I totally, like you, am at the mercy of her super full books! 😉

How did you get into hair?

As i told Jamie and Jodi when I was going through the interview stages here, my journey here has been a long one, and a fun little internal battle. I spent a long time worrying about what the people in my life would say or how I would be perceived to the world (19-24 are some pretty tricky years). When I finally decide to say “F” it, I quit a high paying job, cashed out a 401K and enrolled in cosmetology school a week later. I graduated a week before my 30th birthday and though it hasn’t been all happiness and bliss, I am so happy to b e exactly where i am today, doing hair and being a stylist.

Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no obligations?

Definitely the lake, and before you think “well, sure that’s great in the summer”,  I love going in the winter just as much. It’s really calming sight and humbling to be able to walk out and see this giant, natural body of water. I’ve been here 8 years and I still find it amazing.

What is your favorite movie or fictional character hair?


Why do you work at The Circle Salon?

Have you been here?!? The feeling our guests experience is the same one I feel. This industry is filled with the saying, especially as a assistant, “Well thats just how it is, It was the same for me”. Easily translated as, “I don’t have to be kind or like you, it’s not what I got, and it’s not my problem.” When I found The Circle Salon I kept thinking, eventually this will wear away and I will see the true story… The true story ended up being that we all respect and deeply care for each other, the salon and our guests. We even take field trips for quarterly meetings! We once all roamed around a nature preserve together and just enjoyed nature, each other and a ton of laughter. This place is amazing. Truly.