Styling Shoulder Length Hair with Rittata!

The whole staff at The Circle Salon was filmed blow drying and styling their own hair. We thought this would be an excellent way to share our favorite products, tips and tricks on styling different hair lengths, textures and cuts. And as an added bonus, we’ve answered a few questions about us and why we love us some hair.

Rita is our yellow belt stylist with impeccable style and classy hair! Watch as she styles her shoulder length hair and grab some tips!

Tools: Solano Blow Dryer, Medium Hair Brush, Hair Clips

Products: Eufora Leave-in-repair Treatment, Eufora Behave Lightweight Styling Cream, Davines This is a Medium Spray

Rita Q&A!

How did you get into hair?

When I was eight I ordered a hair braiding book through my class’ Scholastic order form and made my mom buy a “topsy tail” from a TV infomercial.  I’ve been interested in hair since I was a kid.

I moved to Chicago with an art history degree and ended not working in the field. I’d always been curious about hair school (even while I was in college) and looked into the program at the Aveda Institute. I was given a tour and told it would take less than a year to go through the training and receive my license. I was sold and have been a hairstylist since 2010.


What’s your biggest hair accomplishment?

In 2014 I entered my first hair photo competition for Davines’ World Wide Hair Contest. I was placed in the semi finals as a top ten for all of North America.  Beginners luck!


Why do you work at The Circle Salon?

I chose to go to the Aveda Institute because of their eco stance and initially it was the same with The Circle Salon. The salon is the most eco conscious business I know.  I continue to work here because my co workers are loving and encouraging and we have a great clientele, as well!


What’s the first thing you’d do if you won a million dollars?

I would have dinner at Alinea.


 Which star’s hair would you love to style?

Katy Perry. I love how open she is to color and style changes.


Where is your favorite place to go on a weekday afternoon when you have no plans or obligations?

If it’s warm, I like to take my dog, Kirby,  to Montrose Beach Dog Park. I’ll lay out a towel, have a refreshing beverage and watch dogs play. It’s one of my happy places.