Waves from Braids

Crystal (The Circle Salon’s super talented, hilarious and oh-so-fly stylist) has naturally straight hair that she loves, BUT sometimes likes to add some wavy texture to her smooth locks. Here’s a simple step-by-step tutorial to do just that!

Waves From Braids

It’s all about the Texture! And It’s so doable –

  1. Grab your Blowdryer, Comb, Davines Texture Spray and 2 Elastics
  2. Part hair down the middle and braid both sides
  3. Pull out that Texture Spray!
  4. Generously spray braids with Texture Spray till they are thoroughly saturated and wet
  5. Blow dry braids on high heat. When hair is dry, blow dry for 30 seconds on cool
  6. Take out those braids and lightly spray with MORE Texture Spray. Tousle hair to textured perfection
  7. Smile Sweetly
  8. And Look Amazing